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    Adobe Reader X


      I have installed adobe reader x on a windows 7 computer.  The first thing that I had to do was turn off the protected mode to even get into it.  I have read some information online that indicates that there are some other issues that require that the protected mode be turned off.  The recommendation is to turn it off and then back on after the function is complete.  I cannot see our users wanting to do that.  If we turn if off and leave it off are there any other reasons that we would want to upgrade our Adobe standard, pro, and reader installs from version 9 to version 10.  Tell me something that will make it worth my while to deploy this please.

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          I just keep having so many problems with X integrating with Windows 7-32 that I'm going back to 9.  I can't just view a PDF file on-line anymore, it has to be converted and/or it keeps wanting to download Acroread32.exe?  I don't think 10 is really ready for primetime.  I've been struggling with it for about a month and I'm not happy with it.  I  upgraded because of all the security problems I've been reading about.  I'm also trying out Google Chrome primarily because it supposedly includes a native PDF reader in it.  We'll see.  In the meantime I've uninstalled X and will re-install the latest version of 9 to be able to use it with IE8.


          Why did Adobe change the interface so much?  It doesn't make sense!