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    Animated Holiday Flash Card




      I am looking all over the web for methods of sending a Holiday e-card. I was given the terrific challenge to create one this year instead of the typical Staff photo-card we send every year. I was very excited and have been bursting to do a project like this for awhile, I am familiar enough with Adobe Flash to be dangerous and have created a handful of animations over the years. My conundrum is that I'm concerned that it has Flash 10 elements in it (3-D rotating photos) that won't work in Flash 9. Is it too much to expect of recipients that they have Flash player 10, or is there a preferred way to send a holiday card with options for flash download? I haven’t figured out the best way to send this yet, whether to upload it to our site as a link or insert directly into an email. Also I've come across the possibility of converting the  SWF. to a video file? Any suggestions would be appreciated.