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    CPS and Staging

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      I work for a state government and we have just purchased a few copies of Contribute and are testing it to set up a plan to implement it with out customers.  Historically we have always used a test or "staging" server before publishing to production and would like to continue this practice.


      I always thought the big boon of CPS was that you could use Active Directory to set up all of the Security.  Recently I have read that CPS can help with using a staging server because it also has the Simple File Deployment Service.


      I found a thread from 4 years ago (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/106169?tstart=210) that referenced an article that no longer exists.


      Could someone help me to picture how the Simple File Deployment Service works?  Is it integrated into Contribute so that the "publisher" can publish it to the staging server, then immediately send it to production?  Is it a separate program that the publisher would have to use?  Is it something that only an administrator can do?  Or does it detect when a change is made and automatically upload a file to production when it detects something has been published on the stagin server?  No matter the case, can it now work with FTP?


      Any plain English information you could give on using a staging server would be helpful -- especially if you are doing it without CPS!