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    Mouse Wheel Shortcut Change & Scroll Lock


      Hello, I'm new here. Just got Premiere, yay! It's cool, but there are a few things that I'm wondering about:

      I like being able to zoom into the timeline with ALT+Mouse Whell EXCEPT for the fact that pressing Alt puts the main menu in focus (i.e. the File, Edit, Project, etc. menus). And then i have to press Alt for do something else to un-focus from that menu. Is there a way to assign this zoom feature to Ctrl+mouse well so i don't have this issue?

      Also, i sometimes wish that the main playback marker didn't re-position the timeline view once it exits to the far right of the visible timeline. I thought that pressing the "Scroll Lock" button on my keyboard would perhaps help this situation, but it does not.


      If you can help with both or one these questions, that would be great. Thanks, and God bless you, and have a good day.