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    FB4 AIR app: profiler internal error


      Hi, we have a relatively large AIR app under FB4 and we're trying to  track down a memory leak using the flex profiler. We have the profiler  performance profiling turned OFF and memory profiling ON. Problem is,  with stack tracing turned OFF, there's very little useful information in  the profiler output, and with it turned ON, the profiler crashes. The  crash happens when trying to open an object instance. It crunches away  for about 10 minutes, then stops with the "Java heap space" error seen  in the screen capture below. System is a MacBook Pro with quad core i7 @  2.8 GHz with 8 GB RAM. Crash happens on both WinXP under VMware, and on  the Mac side. Any ideas on how to get the flex profiler to work?   Thanks.