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    SWF Playback - Adjusting Framerate?


      Hello everyone,

      I'm running into a peculiar issue with Catalyst. I tried searching the forums, but could not find anything specific to the issue I am experiencing:


      I created a menu bar with a space for animated swfs at the bottom(banners, etc). I imported the swf banners, set it up to play, and everything appears ok...


      ...the catch is, Catalyst seems to set its own framerate when playing the animation. I created the banners at the default 12fps in Flash CS3, but the fps doesn't seem to make a difference when I port it over to Catalyst. I tried re-publishing the banners at different fps rates (I even tried setting it to 1fps), but it did not affect the speed of how the banner plays when I take it into & publish it via Catalyst.


      Is there a way I can adjust the fps rate in Catalyst? Or, use any kind of Actionscript in the banner swfs to set & keep the framerate at a constant, even when I port it over to Catalyst?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Flash Catalyst's frame rate is based on the default frame rate in the Flex framework. If memory serves it is set to 24 fps. Flash Catalyst does not expose this value.  You would have to adjust this using Flash Builder, but that might lead to other things not being responsive in the interface. I would recommend recreating the animations to 24 fps.


          Hope this helps,


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            Maverick8581 Level 1

            I was kind of afraid of that...right after I posted my query, I timed the animation through Catalyst. The original animation was 40 seconds, yet through Catalyst it got cut back to 20 seconds...looks like I got some adjusting to do.


            Thanks for the info, Chris! I'll be sure to keep this in mind next time I do another animation.