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    Can I use RH 8 to generate projects for RH 7?


      I am from Brazil and responsible for making the localized technical documentation in Brazilian Portuguese for a multinational company's products and software. Previosuly restricted to manuals, now we are going to translate the help systems as well. These consist of .CHM files with a very simple, conventional and straightforward structure of text, links and a few inline pictures, with 100-200 pages each.


      The company coordinates all its internationally localized versions from its U.S. base of operations, where they use RoboHelp 7 and have no plans to upgrade to version 8 any soon. They want us to use RH 7 as well, but since the Brazilian subsidiary will be a new user, we will not be able to obtain RH 7, as only RH 8 is now available. Yet the projects we generate here will have to be opened, reviewed and compiled in RH 7.


      The question is: will we be able to save or export our projects made in RH 8 in old format, so that they can be opened and further worked in RH 7? Or will we need to find an alternative? Also, even if an export is possible, should any compatibility problems be expected, as such conversions are not always perfect?


      Let me stress that this is NOT a project migration question, as the U.S. branch does not intend to upgrade to RH 8 in the foreseeable future. Here in Brazil we will have to generate RH 7 projects at any rate, the question being if we will be able to do it using RH 8.


      Thank you very much for your help (no pun intended!).