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    Basic CFC not binding to s:DataGrid

    nHeroGo Level 1

      Installed "FB Burrito". OK.

      Following this tutorial. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/fcf_getting_started_coldfusion_flex.html  (but with default hero 4.5 sdk)

      CFC introspects fine defined return datatype. OK.

      Drag a DataGrid to design-view and give it an id. OK.

      Drag CFC-function from Data/Services panel to DataGrid (spark name-space). ERROR!


      "Service operations cannot be bound to this type of component. Please try again with a component that supports Bind to Data such as a text component, List or mx:DataGrid."


      Is it not possible to bind data to a DataGrid (spark namespace is default) in the new Burrito? If I change to mx name space then it works, but I have my heart set on using the default spark name space of the DataGrid even though it suggests that s:DataGrid is not meant to have bound data (which is its purpose).


      Please offer me suggestions.