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    Can DNG Files Converted Prior to 1.3 Spec Be Converted?


      I converted many of my RAW files in LR 2, prior to the DNG 1.3 Specification being released.


      My questions are:


      1. Do DNG files need to be upgraded to a new Specification or are all DNG files, no matter when they were converted, handle as if they were the newest specification by programs using the newest Spec (Such as CR 6.3 and LR 3.3)?
      2. How would you go about converting DNG files from earlier Specifications to the new specification?
      3. What are the benefits to converting older DNG Spec files to the 1.3 Specification?
      4. Is it necessary to convert from the older DNG Spec and what would you be losing if you didn't update files to the 1.3 Specification?


      Thank you.

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          sandy_mc Level 3

          In short, there's no advantage in a straight DNG to DNG conversion. DNG 1.3 is about allowing data for lens correction to be embedded in the file; as pre-1.3 DNG files contain no such information, converting them gains you nothing.


          There may however be benefit to re-converting from the original raws, if your camera happens to be one that uses lens correction in post; that would get you smaller file size, and (maybe) better corrections. If you enabled the "Embed original raw file" option (or its equivalent) when you converted to DNG in the first place, you will be able to recover the original raw file from your DNG. But that option is not enabled by default.