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    Continual playback when new position in timeline is clicked


      Hello! I am wondering if the following sort of functionality exists in Ppro:

      *If my video is playing at, say, 5 seconds into the vid, and I suddently click ahead to the 20 sec point, the video playback stops, and the blue playback head is moved to that point. That's fine. But is there a way for the video to immediately play from that point onward?


      For those of you familiar with the sound program Audacity, it has this very feature. In Audacity, a user can Ctrl+left-click and the timepline playback head will immediately play starting from the position where the cursor was clicked. Under the Mouse menu in Audacity preferences, this command is called "Set Selection Point and Play".

      If anyone can help, thanks in advance. God bless you , and have a good day.