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    Sharing code between Flex and AIR versions using library project


      Hello everyone,


      I'm developing an application that has both Flex and AIR versions. In order to share code between these apps, I created a library project and added all my code there. Now I've set the library project as a dependency for both Flex and AIR projects. Since there are some components that use the DataService object, I've added fds.swc and fds_rb.swc and fiber_rb.swc modules to the libs directory of the library project. No compile errors. Now, if I try to run my Flex application, I'm getting this error:


      Variable mx.data::LocalStoreFactory is not defined.


      I know that this error comes up when playerfds.swc is not present in the path. But that is not the case here. I have added playerfds.swc, fds.swc and related lib files to the build path.


      If I go back and add the playerfds.swc file to the original library project, the error no longer appears. This is not a proper solution for me, since I need to share this project with AIR version also, and I cannot have both playerfds.swc and airfds.swc in the same project.. Has anyone faced an issue like this before?? What am I doing wrong??