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    loading swf made with catalyst in another swf made in flash cs5


      Hi all,

      Are there any limitations to load a swf(game.swf) file that was created in flash catalyst into a project(main.swf) created in flash cs5?


      Once the swf(game.swf) is loaded, it won't let me interact with the UI of main project(main.swf).

      No other buttons will work except for the ones in the newly loaded swf(game.swf).

      I also made sure the game.swf fits well inside the main.swf UI, so there is no overlap.


      This is the code that loads the external SWF(game.swf).:


      function LoadGame()
          var myContainer:Loader = new Loader();
          var myURL:URLRequest=new URLRequest("game.swf")


      Any help would be appreciated.