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    Marking a MXML file from External Source as Default Application File



      My Scenario:

      I have a big list of repos with Flex and Java code. A repo named repo_Flex has the src folder with all .mxml and .as files. It also has various other supporting folders like lib,etc. I am creating a project in Flash Builder 4 which has the location of the above repo so that it can point the src folder in the repo as its src folder. While doing this FB creates various project files in my repo_Flex Folder.


      My Requirement:

      I want to create a project in Flash Builder 4 which will have the src folder from above repo but it will not create the various project files and folders like .project, .flexProperties, html-template, build, .settings, etc. in a different external location. This is because after modifications in flex files I have to push the code in the server for revision control. If I have the various project files in the same repo the pull and push creates unwanted issues. (I am using bitkeeper)


      What I tried:

      I create a project in the local workspace and then added an external source file as the src folder from the repo. My aim was to create the main application file from the src folder in repo_Flex.


      My Problem:

      When I set the Main.mxml from the src folder of my repo_Flex as default, FB doesnot set it as default. (The blue dot doesnot appear on the package explorer) Moreover when I try to modify the debug settings of the locally build project it tells that the Main.mxml file doesnot exist. Infact a "[deleted]" tag comes beside my external source file (which is repo_Flex/src over here).


      My Question:

      So my basic aim is to not temper any folder or file in my repo with any FB files. I should be able to create a project in FB which will have the src as that of repo but it will generate the project files in a different location. How is this possible?


      Thanks in advance,