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    Dynamic link premiere and after effect CS5 problem


      Hi all,


      I would like to use After Effects in Premiere, but I experience problems with that. When I replace a scene with 'Replace with After Effects Conmosition' to add an effect in After Effects it goes fine, but when I try to send a second scene to after effects, the first after effects scene in premiere is replaced with the second one. When I try to open the different scenes in after effects alone, the same problem is there, all different scene contains the content of the last scene.I work with AVCH 1080i25 material.


      The specs of my system:

      Intel core i7-950

      12GB DDR3 (1066MHz)

      HD: 1x500GB(system hd), 2x1TB(project HD)

      Nivdia GTX460 1GB

      Windows 7 Ultimate


      Suggestion are more than welcome. Thanks in advance.