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    Combine XML Data


      So I have create this fancy survey form in livecycle and sent it to everyone in our office.  Everything has been returned in an xml format.  I would like to combine all the data into one form.  All my questions are radio buttons in groups of 1-5.  I'd like to create somesort of bar cart that shows the number of answers in each qyestion.  So how do I combine all this data into something I can use?  Do I use livecycle, or import this data into Excel or Access?  Anyone have any easy steps on combining this stuff?



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          Marcos J Pinto Level 1

          I believe what you need is a small process created in LiveCycle Workbench to merge your XML and an XDP template created in LC Designer.


          You could use a watched folder where you would drop your XML files, then you should use a GeneratePDFOutput operation (OutputService) to merge the files and finaly a Write Document operation (FileUtilsService) to save the resulting PDF to a server folder.


          I'm not a LiveCycle expert (yet...) so I cannot help you with the bar chart though.