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    Edit in Audition delivers error...

    sebrame Level 3

      Finally got around to re-installing Audition 3 on my new CS5 machine. I realize that I should have installed Audition first, but the 'Edit in Audition' selection is in my PPro CS5 menu, and it actually starts Audition, so it seems Premiere recognizes that Audition is present. However, if I do select 'Edit in Audition' from Premiere, Audition starts, then tosses an error claiming that "Adobe Audition could not find a supported audio device. Please check your device settings."


      Now, close Premiere, and Audition starts fine. So it looks like Premiere is bogarting the audio driver. I've checked my device settings, but can't find a clue as to why this is happening.


      Anybody have any ideas?


      Steve Brame

      ci Productions