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    Transition Problems that don't show up in the preview or design space. How to get rid ?


      Hi there,

      I'm pretty new to Flash Catalyst and I have been trying it out for the best part of two weeks in order to create my first flash website.


      The design is going well so far, however I have encountered some transition problems that ruin the flash experience for the user just as I’m about finished.

      In the preview window, all transitions seem to work fine and the majority of transitions on the site I have created work fine.




      However as you can see above, there are a number of transitions that cause problems. Layers that are hidden, show up during state changes. Layers move to corners of the page, or flash up unexpectedly yet when editing in Catalyst show no such movement in the timelines. Some layers are showing up that I thought I deleted long ago.


      I figured a problem must have occurred on some of the states that I failed to rectify, as they never surfaced in the preview. It seems like it is some sort of bug in when exporting/ publishing it that does not show up in the preview.


      I removed the majority of the Layers from folders, as it seemed like the deeper the images inside the folder structures, the more likely they were to mess up in the transitions. Removing them from folders worked for some transitions and cleaned the site up better than it is now, but I can’t seem to shake the rest of them.


      Is this a bug with Catalyst ? And has anyone else experienced the same problem that they might have answers to share ?


      I’d really like to get this site up and running ASAP but these transitions are stopping me and I have scoured Google for hours with no avail.


      P.S. (Initial load time is long as I have yet to optimise till I find the cause of the problem)