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    AIR Application non responsive


      My client is using the AIR app on a windows machine. After data entry in the first screen the application hangs.

      My guess is the version of Adobe AIR. I can find the version on my clients machine but how do I locate the latest version of Adobe AIR for windows

      If AIR version is not my issue then what are the other possibilities.


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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          You can get the latest version of AIR from Adobe's web site. If a newer version of AIR is required for your application to run, you can set the namespace in the application descriptor to require that version. Then, if the client doesn't have a new enough version, they will be prompted to update AIR.


          I presume that the application runs fine on your development machine. Does the app fail to work on a single machine, but does work on others, or does it not work on any other machine?