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    Custom TitleWindow Skin State Problem

    Miroku_87 Level 1

      Hi everyone, I've got a problem:
      I have a TitleWindow with a skin made by me.
      Everything is perfect but when I change to a certain state (in this case is called "AuctionWon").


      When  I get to that state the skin completely disappear showing a transparent  background and the components I placed in that state aren't right.


      Here  is screenshot of component state in flash builder design mode (when  running I can't see the background and the green button):


      Here the screenshot when I run the program



      Do you find something strange in the code?


      Component code:


      Code where I manage the component (I change the state at 73):


      here is the skin definition:


      making  some test I found out that sometime, if I manage to find the title bar  in the panel and I drag it, the skin magically appears but the buttons  are still wrong...
      unfortunately it appears just sometimes...
      It also appears magically if I bring the window application to icon and then reopen it...

      I really just can't figure out the problem =S


      Can someone help me please?

      Thank you in advance