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    Legalities of hosting framework swz's

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      We are starting to look at the deployment situation for our application, and were just wondering what issues there are in respect to hosting the framework rsls on our web server? We only want to do it for the fallback rsl-url, and still use the adobe download site as the primary source of access.


      In order to do this, we will need to check the swz's into our source control, but we are always cautious when it comes to including 3rd party binaries intermingled with our source code, especially when they are under various licences.


      Any comments?




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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          Short answer:  I believe this is possible.



          Correct answer:  Bring the license text to your legal team and explain to them what you're going to do and see what they say.  Traditionally Adobe employees are not allowed to comment on legal issues.  The only way you'll find out if you're interpertation is wrong is when they show up at your door w/ nasty lawyer letters.  ( Scarey, right?)

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            Thanks for the reply.


            Yeah, I was afraid of that. We don't have a legal team though


            At any rate, my interpretation is that, if Adobe wants people to use their Flex product, then the default flex-config.xml file (in Flex 4.1) strongly encourages this. The default behaviour is to attempt to contact the Adobe servers, and if they cannot be reached, to then download from the server hosting the application.


            I'm going to go ahead and do it, and hopefully someone who has tangled with this issue will read this.