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    Adobe Reader X is not stable, it crashes on both of my computers

    R390-GT1 Level 1

      I have installed the Adobe Reader X a few days ago. yesterday, after reading a pdf book for a few hours, the Adobe Reader was not responding when I press the next page keyboard key. On the screen, those pages after the current page shows as a little white page.


      On the windows 2003 server, I was able to use the task manager to kill the Adobe Reader; however, I can't open any pdf anymore after I re-start the Adobe reader.it prompts "There was an error opening this document. Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service". I open the task manager and check, there is 1.6GB free memory and the CPU usage is only 0-6%. As the ebook is only 3MB. I don't believe there is insufficient resource.



      The same thing happened on my Windows XP SP3 PC; however, the Adobe Reader is not responding. I was unable to kill it. I have to reboot the PC.


      Does anyone come across this situation? Do you know how to fix it?