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    Resetting window position?

    DarrenBiz Level 3

      If I run Enterprise Cafe (AIR) on a dual-monitor setup and move the GUI to the 2nd monitor (non-primary) on Windows, then remove the 2nd monitor (its a laptop) - there is no way to display the GUI or even reset its position.


      How do I reset the window back to use the 1st monitor?



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          meaman Adobe Employee

          Please quit the app and restart it. Did that work for you?


          Cheers – Marc.

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            DarrenBiz Level 3

            No - the laptop has been rebooted fully quite a few times since i had the 2nd monitor attached.  I can actually see the window animation go to where the 2nd screen would be if it was still there.


            Where are the window settings stored?

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              DarrenBiz Level 3

              Ok found it -  on windows 7:


              C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\EnterpriseCafe.E7BED6E5DDA59983786DD72EBFA46B1598278E0 7.1\Local Store




              <preference name="appPositionX" value="2368"/>

              <preference name="appPositionY" value="99"/>


              Reset these, save the file and its back in position.


              Be great to have a way to do this from the Taskbar context menu. Or even better check Screen.bounds on startup and reset if its not inside the bounding rectangle.