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    Random Freezes/Hangs in Fireworks CS4

    peternelson Level 1

      I'm a Fireworks noob and every so often  - maybe once every 8?? hours of use -  Fireworks simply hangs at random.  The hang doesn't seem to be triggered by any particular action or feature that I'm using.  It happens right out of the blue and I find myself staring at an hourglass.     Once I had the patience to wait to see what would happen and it did recover but it took nearly a half hour.   The other times I just killed it in Task Manager and lost a lot of work!


      My system in Windows XP Pro, SP3.


      One other possible clue:   .  I notice that when I first start up Fireworks, before I open any files, it uses about 300MB physical+virtual memory according to Task Manager.    The file I'm working with is small -  a 3MB .png file, although it has lots of layers.  As soon as I open up that little .png file Task Manager reports that Fireworks memory usage balloons to about a gig (physical+virtual). 


      I only have 2G or RAM on this PC so FW is really hogging my resources - is that related to the hangs?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.