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    MultiCam editing for PPCS5

    kaydawgy1999 Level 1

      So I'm editing 3 canon 7d's and 1 zoomh2  for external audio.  I've run PluralEyes to sync up the audio and all 3 camera's onto the timeline.  Pluraleyes was spot on for syncing and now Ive created a new multicam sequence and dropped the first sequence into the timeline.  Right click enable multicamera and open the multi camera monitor.  I'm recording how I want to switch between camera's by simply clicking on each clip in sequence of how I want to see it.  Now what if I goof up completely and just want to restart the whole sequence again after I've made so many edits?  I can't seem to find a "revert" button.  Also, what if there is just 1 or 2 that I want to edit.  Can I adjust it from the multicamera monitor or does it have to be from the sequence timeline?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          You should be able to just go back in time inside the multicamera window and redo your edits.  They should overwrite what you're already done.  I say should because CS4 had a bug with this option.  I haven't tried it in CS5 yet to see if it's been fixed.


          As a normal part of your workflow, however, I suggest doing a "rough cut" in the multicamera window, and then going over the whole thing again from the sequence to make your "fine cut" adjustments.

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            Yes, that bug has been fixed in CS5... just move your CTI on your timeline before the section you want to redo and start again! It's a really easy workflow...