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    Can't uninstall reader 10


      I downloaded the Reader X .exe file for use on in our small 10 person office.  I installed it on my workstation forgetting that I had a full version of Adobe 9 on my system.  Roughly at the same time, Autocad 2008 started mis-behaving and I wanted to uninstall Reader X.  When I try to uninstall either through the windows 7 uninstaller or through the Reader 10 program itself, I get a prompt that says that Adobe Reader files are in use, close the program using the files.  The "ignore" box is grayed out.  I don't want to do use a system restore point due to some other system related changes I made subsequent to installing Reader   10.  Ideas?

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          Try booting in safe mode. Also note, when you uninstall Reader 10 you will break Acrobat 9. It will need to be re-installed from scratch and updated to the latest and greatest. Reader 10 and Acrobat 10 are compatible and are designed to work together.

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            Thanks for the response.  Sometimes asking a question on one of these forums is like hollering down a well hole.  Turns out I could not uninstall in safe mode (have no idea why) but by logging on as Administrator I was able to uninstall 10 the "old-fashioned" way.  Yes...it did break 9, but it re-enabled my AutoCAD 2008.  So I am leaving things like they are for now.

            I am an administrator on my own machine, so I have no clear understanding why I had to log in as Admin to uninstall Adobe Reader 10.  I'm sure it's not an Adobe thing.  BTW, other pdf programs have also affected AutoCAD 2008 on this Dell running W-7 32 bit.  2008 is not supported for W-7 and I think I now know why.


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