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    Another PE 8 crashing on start up.


      System Window 7.  64 bit.  8 gigs RAM. NVIDIA graphics card.


      I have reinstalled the program (MANY TIMES).  I have installed the 8.01 update (Tho the .dll files still show 2009).  I have updated my video card.  I have updated Apple Quick Time.  I have set the 'threaded optimization" to OFF on the video card.


      THe program had been working.  Then this crash on start up started happening.  I have tried everything.  Any other ideas?

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          nealeh Level 5

          If you don't see any .dll files with a 2010 date then the patch has not been applied.


          Here is a direct link to the update file: http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/premiereel/win/8.x/premiere_elemen ts_801.zip


          Here is the note to check Did the patch install successfully?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed. The task is to find out what has changed, and either roll-back, or find out how that change is negatively affecting things.


            The changes could be simple OS updates/hot-fixes (can render video and audio drivers instantly obsolete - that is why the mfgrs. update them so very often), new software that conflicts, new hardware that conflicts, or settings that have changed.


            In the case of PrE8, I agree with Neale, on making sure that the patch has been installed. That would be my first act.


            Next, though you indicate that you have updated your nVidia driver, I would check for one later from the nVidia site. I do not recommend using the Windows update service function, or even stand-alone updaters, as they are usually looking for drivers that are quite old, by driver standards. The same goes for the audio driver. Here, I'd go to Realtek, or whomever the chip mfgr. is, and getting the very latest. Note: I keep my older drivers in archive, just in case I have to do a roll-back. Both nVidia and ATI/AMD have had some issues with recent drivers, and the roll-back was the cure to issues.


            You indicate that you have the latest version of QT Player. What version is that?


            Compile a list of any software, or hardware, that has been added, since things did work. Can you remove any of those?


            If nothing is working, with the above suggestions, my next step would be to create a System Restore Point for today. Then, shut-down and reboot in Safe Mode, choosing System Restore from the prompt. Select a point in history, where things did work, and go through the process of booting to that point. Test. If none of your System Restore Points gets things working, you have only lost a bit of time, as you did your System Restore Point for today, and can then go to that.


            Good luck, and please let us know how things go,



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              KippiWaters Level 1

              Thank You.  The program is running smoothly now.   I appreciate your help.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                The program is running smoothly now.   I appreciate your help.

                That is great news, and is music to our ears. Hope that the stability continues.


                Good luck, and happy editing,