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    Tween flickering and choppy audio when SWF is imported in Presenter


      We are trying to import swf files (with tweens and audio) into powerpoint and publish them in Presenter. However, when we publish it to Presenter, everything is screwed up. The tweens flicker, the audio is choppy. And, it doesn't flicker and chop at the same objects all the time. Sometimes it doesn't flicker or chop, and at others it does. What do you think is the best solution to do for this?


      Here are the specs of our hardware and softwares used:

      • 32-bit Windows 7 OS
      • Flash CS4
      • Microsoft Powerpoint 2003
      • Adobe Presenter 7.0.6.


      We already tried publishing it through Windows Vista and XP, my colleague is using Flash CS3. Presenter wasn't working with our Powerpoint 2007 the reason we are using 2003.