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    Yellow bar confusion (the need to render)

    AdamJRead Level 1

      Something that's been puzzling me...


      I am runnning CS5 on an i7 PC with MX02 mini for external monitoring.


      Everything is great/real time etc, however....


      The output on my LCD monitor is noticeably 'draft' (text edges etc).  To get a clean output, I seem to need to render the work area bar (so that it turns green).


      Is this normal?


      I had thought that a yellow bar meant no need to render??





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          Geoff Vane Level 1

          You are right. The yellow bar gives you mostly 90% to 99% quality.

          Sometimes it is not noticeable but with nested sequences, text or frame blended slomos, you will see bad video.

          For 100% quality you really need to render, and that really helps a lot!

          Be sure to set the preview quality high (in sequence settings/video previews), or you will get dirty video mixdown results as the Matrox uses previews for mastering. Look for all the settings where you can set video quality high and do so.

          Note that the computer monitor preview can not be used as a reference; in CS5 the resolution is only 50% or so; you need a broadcast monitor as far as I can tell. I've tried everything to get a sharp 1:1 preview picture but no.