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    Newbie. Please help me! I have to get this project done...

    I like cats

      I shot video 720 24pa (I thought I was shooting 24p). Adobe Premiere CS4 can't seem to process 24pa. I am getting artifacts whenever there is movement. There are lines and it looks blocky. My original footage looks fine. (I have read threads about others having this problem, but have found no solutions yet). I have completely edited this hour long documentary plus special features. It wasn't until I authored the dvd and played it on the big screen that I saw it was a big oops. (lesson learned, take a look at the video full screen after ingest).


      I have read that After Effects CS4 can handle 24pa fine. I did import the project but found I don't even know how to play it. I double clicked one of the sequences and it went to the timeline, but no amount of space bar pressing would make it play. I've never used after effects. First things first. Ha, or apparently last. sorry for the rambling:


      *All I want to do is import the project from premiere pro cs4 into after effects cs4 solving the 24pa playback problem and export it to Adobe Encore and burn a dvd and have it play right.

      Does anybody know if this will work? Even if you don't know if it will cure my artifacty blockiness-- Do you know how to import the project and then export it to encore? There didn't seem to be an mpeg2-dvd encoding option.


      I'm under deadline... I am at a loss. I'll keep searching the internets, but if there is somebody out there with any advice, insights, ideas at all-- I would be forever grateful.This project means more to me than a paycheck



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          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

          After Effects doesn't do that! It is a compositing application.  It designed neither for editing nor direct export to Encore.


          I'd like to be more helpful, but it's probably best to go to Adobe's products page and read up on the capabilitites and differences of/between AE and PP (which is the one you need).

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            File --> Interpret Footage --> Main, but as J-M-S said, that at best solves a tiny part of your puzzle and it solves one that should be just as fixable in Premiere directly. You can export MPEG-2 DVD directly from AE, but it is generally not the best option due to how AE works and it realyl doesn't relate to any of your problems. It's really your footage interpretation that needs fixing first and then everything else will fall into place almost naturally...



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              I like cats Level 1

              Thanks for the replies. I've done nothing but reading and asking questions trying to figure this out. My settings seem to be correct. After Effects was a long shot, but I a was just trying to find answers. I won't go that route. have a great day.

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                I don't know how to do it, but you ought to be able to remove the Advanced Pulldown from your footage in Premiere.  The only reason 24pa even exists is to make it easy for computers to remove the pulldown, creating a 23.976 fps file.  If the pulldown isn't removed, the motion in 24pa footage is just God-awful -looking.


                But as I said, you'd have to ask somebody who knows Premiere how to do it.


                Now, it IS possible to remove advanced pulldown in AE, but it has to be done on a shot-by-shot basis: no fair cutting a sequence together and doing the whole thing at once.  1 clip, 1 shot, remove advanced pulldown.  It's not the most convenient thing in the world if you're planning on something more than 30 seconds long.


                I know you didn't intend to shoot at 24pa, but it seems silly that a 720p camera would even have such a setting if it's capable of shooting 720pN.  What kind of camera was this, and how was its footage recorded?

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  Here's a note that I wrote a couple of years ago after an especially heinous troubleshooting sessions with a customer who had some P2 footage that used a weird pulldown cadence. I don't know whether it's relevant to your issue, but it might lead to some understanding about how to deal with pulldown in your footage.


                  "One of the formats used by Panasonic P2 cameras is 24p over 60p using  pulldown, but it's not a regular pulldown cadence, and After Effects CS4 and Premiere Pro  CS4 don't automatically identify it correctly.


                  Use one of the 24pA cadences, even though this format doesn't really use 24pA. It should all work out anyway.


                  The cadence appears to be 2:2:2:4."