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    Reader X in IFrame. Problem with the floating panel in reader mode.




      I have a web page that can load a PDF Document in an IFrame. The PDF can contain 3D annotation.

      In Reader 9.x, we had the possibility to click button on the toolbar to launch the printing or to save the file.

      Now in Reader X, we have a floating panel to launch the printing. But, when I scroll the document from page X to page Y, it appears that

      sometimes the floating panel disappear. And it is impossible to show it again. The only way is to reload the document.

      Other test without IFrame : Even if I don't scroll the document and I click the tree button of my 3D annotation, the floating panel will disappear forever.


      My question is :

      Is there a way to launch the document in BASIC mode (without changing the parameter in Reader X) ? not reader mode...


      Currently, I use this to change the interface.


      /HideMenubar false

      /HideToolbar false

      /HideWindowUI false>>


      Thanks for help and sorry for bad english.