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    Purge running process

    Bill P. Chie

      Hi all,


      I have a problem that the process table getting too large, when update to a new version with new variable, It will take over 70min for every single new variable.


      It is because LiveCycle will alter the table and add the new variable one by one, and the long alter time cause the activate process to timeout and failed.


      Now I try to purge the process to down size the table, but I have a problem that many user just leave the notifiy process (e.g. Your workflow is approved) running, and the purgeProcess tools and funcion can only purge completed or terminated process.


      So, my question is, are there any method to purge process, no matter what their status is?


      Am also tried to write some code to terminate the process with no luck, because we are using turnkey install with the default MySQL (ver is 8.2.1), so we also hit the bug (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408643.html), and we tune down the # of connection and we just keep getting the no managed connect exception although we tried to terminate one process every 15s only.