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    Working with images - Rotation and Movement


      Hello there,


      I have this problem that I cant seem to solve:


      I need to be able to move an image arround and there are restrictions to where image should be able to move: at any given time, when dragging, image should always cover whole body of a given border_container, this is simply achieved by sending a rectangle to the startDrag function, which will specify where the image is allowed to move. I got that part right, and its working, the problem arrise when I try to rotate the border_container (with the image), it should still be only possible to drag image so it all the time covers the body of the border_container, but I don't know how to do it.


      Code I use looks something like this:



      protected function getImageDragRectangle():Rectangle


           return new Rectangle(

                this.width-image.contentWidth + x,

                this.height-image.contentHeight + y,




      Edit: image is not inside the border_container (not sure how relevant it is..)


      Could anyone help me out here and give me any hints or suggestions how I could fix it?