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    Workbench ES2: Process/resource can not be deleted / checked out/checked in

    Rob_RH Level 1

      Working with workbench ES2 once in a while a resource / process used building livecycle applications becomes "stuck".

      The process can't be checked out anymore, cant delete it. I can make changes to the local version, but changes do not get "noticed" by workbench. Check-in of the specific resource is not possible too..


      Only resolution is to Open the File, Save it under a new name. (Icon changes to (to be checked in)). After checking in the resource is usable as normal.

      Consequence is that all references to the original(sub)process have to be changed....Also the SOAP endpoint URL changes which requires external applications also to change their code.....


      This happens a couple of times (4/5) per week on a fulltime development week.


      Any help would be very appreciated... !