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    SWF reveals transparent box around text


      I have built a simple animation in Flash CS5 using vector and text  data only.  I exported the swf for Flash Player 10 and AS3.  The  animation features several text objects (embedded in unique Movie Clip  Symbols) moving on the y-axis and changing opacity.  Layered on top of  these is a large text object.


      It looks fine on my machine, running IE 8.0 and Firefox 3.6 on Windows XP.  However, my client's results look like this:



      She is also running Flash Player 10 in IE (8?).  You can pretty clearly see semi-transparent boxes around the text.  It's not an artifact of the Movie Clip symbol that contains my scrolling text, since the large text object above it is not inside any Symbols at all.  In this next image, you will more clearly see that this faint box contains a pattern:



      This makes me wonder if this problem is the result of an incorrectly installed video card driver or a low bit depth on the display mode.


      Basically, I just need to ensure that this problem is a fluke; that I won't get a certain percentage of my audience seeing what my client sees.  Has anyone seen this before?