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    PE9 - One of the best products of 2010?

    Steven-K Level 1

      It seems that VideoMaker has selected Adobe Premiere Elements 9 as one of their best products of the year for 2010. Just received their email announcing the decision.


      What about all the issues users are experiencing, according to this forum?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          This is just me thinking, and I have done zero formal research into things, so please take it for what it is - just thinking.


          On a product forum, we see a lot of problems. That is one of the functions of such a forum. There are seldom posters, who are experiencing no issues, who come to state such. The one exception will often be with some of the regulars, who may well post a "things really work well for me, with this product," sort of posts, or might include such in there replies to others.


          Over the decades, the issues with an NLE (Non Linear Editor) program, normally sort out this way, and in this order:


          • System
          • Assets
          • Project settings
          • OE (Operator Error)
          • Real Bugs in the program


          Note: the above can be intertwined too.


          Because an NLE stresses the computer more than about anything other than heavy-duty 3D or CAD work (most systems doing those operations are usually designed specifically for those purposes), and then in the video sub-system area, extreme gaming. Many computers are just not capable of running an NLE properly, and most are probably not set up properly for that task - some tweaking can go a very long way.


          Once one gets into the process of troubleshooting, they can examine the above list, pretty much in that order, to see where the problems are. With a proper system (and a properly tuned system), most of the problems will sort out. Next, with proper Assets in a correct Project, most of the rest will sort out. Then, one must study their workflow and how they are attempting to edit - might be an issue there. Last, there will always be Bugs, and glitches, but some programs, and versions of programs ARE better than others.


          Most problems presented here can be sorted out, by working through the above list. One exception is with installation issues. Most of the regulars here do not have experience with those, but many seem to. We can only read of what worked for others, and try to apply that knowledge to help others, but do hit brick walls. Some of those installation issues can only be sorted out by Adobe T/S, or C/S. We see a lot here. The majority are easily handled, because of OE, with things like trying to install the Functional Content, before the program has been installed, issues with one's browser and security settings, when downloading. Then, there are often issues with other software, such as anti-virus, pop-up blockers and spy sweepers, that interfere with the installation. Oh, and then there are the likely issues with the OS security settings, or where one is attempting to install to, and how they are trying to perform the installation.


          If one eliminates every post, with problems solved from the first four items on that list, the real Bugs only comprise a very small portion of issues. That would be the list that I would draw from, when rating a program. It seems that PrE 8 had more than its share of Bugs. PrE 9, while still having some (possibly too many yet?), seems to be a much better program, and more stable on a wider array of equipment. It also seems to work better with a broader array of Assets, than its predecessors.


          Remember, the above are but observations and impressions on my part. There is no scientific study behind them. Also, I do not work for Adobe, and am but a lowly user. I do not yet have PrE 9 installed, so cannot add any first-hand impressions on that front. I plan on upgrading my aged PrE 4, when I go to Win7 64 on new computers, but will tread very, very carefully, as I use PrPro (will be CS5 on those new machines), and Steve Grisetti has pointed out some issues with other Adobe apps., like Bridge, which I use often, and PrE 9. As I make my living with PrPro, PS, AI and AE, and use PrE as a supplemental tool, I cannot afford to break something like Bridge, or to have a clean machine (no other Adobe programs), just for PrE. That said, I might be no better at doing a full review of PrE 9, if it DOES get in the way of my Adobe Master Collection. If I can do that review, I only hope that it will support the findings of VideoMaker, but until then, we will not know.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Bill.


            I've tested Premiere Elements 9 on three systems -- an XP machine, a Windows 7 32-bit computer and an iMac running Snow Leopard. And, while there are some things about the interface itself that drive me a little buggy, the program launches right up and does what it's supposed to do on all three machines.


            So don't judge it too harshly, based only on what you see on these forums. Remember, you're not seeing the thousands of other users who never come here because the program is working just great!

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              Steven-K Level 1

              I have been using PE8 and it crashes on a regular basis. I own a high performance computer (XP), so low resources is not an issue. Over 8MB ram, quad core, etc...


              I have considered upgrading to PE9, if it will reduce the number of crashes.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                On the whole, version 9 is a world better than version 8.


                But whether that will mean you won't have any more crashes or not depends on your system and what you're trying to edit. Only a test drive with the free trial will tell you for sure.