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    audio cuts out


      A problem...


      When editing in multitrack mode, I have twice encountered a problem where the audio suddenly can't be heard.  It just cuts out and the level meters stick, though the cursor continues to scroll across screen.


      Moving clips to other tracks does not solve this problem - so it doesn't seem to be something that is relevant to the track.

      Playing back from further on in the clip results in no audio too.


      And there are no other effects, fades or anything that should be causing this problem at this point. Yet in cuts out at exactly the same point every time I play back.


      Yesterday I think I solved this by deleting the clip that was on the timeline, and putting it back.  But I can't do that in this instance.


      Confused! Any advice?

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          When this occurs, are you able to switch to the Waveform Editor view and playback successfully there?  Is there any connection between the source of the clips that seem to trigger this behavior?  (for example, are they from a specific audio recorder, new recordings in-app, mp3s, etc?)  If you try to close Audition while in this state, do you receive any error message or crash report on close?

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            Scott-C-UK Level 1

            Sorry for the delay, but...


            - you can still use the program to do everything as normal, but the audio will just not play at exactly the same point each time in whichever view.


            - I can't remember where the clips came from the first time this problem occurred, but the second time the wav files were originally recorded in Cubase. I have edited other files from Cubase in Audition without problem before.


            (I do have other problems with Audition though, that do seem to be unrelated to this).


            - Closing the program resulted in no errors or crash reports.




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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              I may have seen a similar issue last week while working on some personal projects.  I'm going to see if I can reproduce the issue in a debug build and determine what's causing this issue.  Thanks for the extra information.