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    Bulleted Lists Appear Differently from the same CSS

    bluejays47 Level 1

      Okay, this is something that may end up melting my brain. I thought I should post here before that happens.


      I'm using RoboHelp 8 to output a couple of different projects using the Browser Based Adobe AIR format. These two projects use the exact same CSS file (well, not the exact same file, but the same file exists for both projects), but the bulleted lists for the two projects don't look the same. For example, here's Project A. Project A is  how things should work:


      The line at the side of the image is the frame for the AIR output. Note that the bullet is fairly close to the text. This is what I want. Now, consider Project B:


      A vast chasm now separates bullet from text. Again, these projects share the same CSS settings between them. So, I ask: how can I get rid of the space between the bullet and the text?