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    Multiple frame change

    Roy Stewart



      How do I change a selection of multiple frames on the flash CS3 timeline to new images? Can this be done?

      I want to make a banner which plays a short animation with duplicate frames but with the images within several of the frames changed.

      At the moment I have to select the individual frame on the timeline and swap the image in the properties panel to a new image in the library. This is a long procedure which I'm not sure if there is a quicker/simpler way of doing this.




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          dtauer Level 2

          Hey Roy -


          There is a button at the bottom of the timeline called "Edit multiple frames".  It looks like two filled in squares.  When you click this button, you get some handles that show up in the timeline which give you a "window" of frames that you can edit all at once.  This is great if you want to move or resize all the images at different keyframes.  This won't help you replace the images with a different image.


          To my knowledge, the best way to do this would be save over the original image outside of Flash (so where ever you imported the image from).  Then in your library, right-click on the image asset and choose "update".  This will reload the image from wherever it was imported from and replace all instances of it..

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            Roy Stewart Level 1

            That works a treat... thanks for that.