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    HTML Option - Output Folder and File Name path change question


      In HTML Options à Output folder and file name I was wondering if I can change the name of the .chm  automatically listed when I click on properties?

      For example when I click on properties for ABC_v456, which is an SSL in the ABC123 project, I see “C:\Projects\ABC_v123\!SSL!\Help_v456\ABC123.chm’ in the Output folder and File name field.  I would like to rename ABC123.chm to ABC456.chm  for clarities sake. When I compile will it then create a .chm file by the name of ABC456.chm rather than the ABC123.chm file name? I would then have the two SSLs in the HTML project called Help_v123 and Help_v456each and their respective .chm would be within each folder.  Am I talking sense or is this gibberish requiring clarification on my part? I am using Robohelp HTML v7.