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    Pop menus and IE7

    telecide Level 1
      The menus pop down and the text is gone but only in IE7. I've checked the menus on Firefox, Opera, Netscape, IE6 & Safari and they work fine on both PC & Mac, but IE7 will not show the text. Any help resolving this would be appreciated. I'm using Fireworks 8 and finishing with Dreamweaver 8. I added my issue to another post but I wasn't getting any responses so I thought I'd try a new topic. I apologize for any breach of forum etiquette.

      Here's a link -

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          I actually would like to add to your comment that this has become very frustration for me as well. I tried almost everything to see if could fix that problem. Has anyone had this problem and had it fixed? We need help out here.
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            falcon Level 1
            May I add my comment. Started having this problem myself. I've used DW8 since it was released & Fireworks 8 as well. Menus I created before about a month ago work fine. Menus created since updating to IE7 display buttons with no text. yup, we need help and if anyone has an answer for this I'd appreciate knowing as well. Contacted support at Adobe - virtually useless. Can anyone assist?
            Thanks, Sheryl