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    ValidateNow causes crash

    UbuntuPenguin Level 4

      Hello Everyone,

        I am making thumbnails of some visual components by taking a snapshot and using their bitmap data.  Because of the way the Flex lifecycle works, all of the properties may not have been committed.  To remedy this, I call "LayoutManager.instance.validateClient" or "component.validateNow()".  In either case, my program crashes complaining about "invalid Bitmapdata".  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on either how to fix the crash at uiComponent.validateNow() or create thumbnails from visual components when they may not have had their properties set.


      Thanks for the help,



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If validateNow returns, the components should all have their final values.

          I think there might be corner cases where if the final values are not

          legitimate for bitmaps you can get an error.   Like when the size of

          something is zero or too large for a bitmap (4Kx4K).


          Best is to debug why it is throwing the error.  Check the sizes of the

          bitmap it is attempting to make.