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    Indexed keywords linked to html text instances of the indexed phrase

    matt Glomb


      Im searching for something that Im not sure exists within Robohelp. Im looking for a way to use my indexed text phrase (Example: "something") that links to an html document within my project (Example: "something.html") and is available from my index. Im trying to find all instances of the indexed phrase "something" within all documents in the project and link to the indexed destination. So wherever "something" appears in any of my documents, it will be a hyperlink to "something.html". Is this possible??


      The obvious solution would be to use brute force to search and replace, but if things change like the destination file name or when new documents are added, Im going to have to remember to search for all keywords. A data base of the terms and their linkage would be much cleaner and efficient, if its possible..


      Thanks for your help in advance