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    Need FlexUnitTasks.jar file




      I'm currently using Flash Builder 4 with the incorporated FlexUnit distribution.

      I can run the FlexUnit tests within Eclipse, but now I am trying to run these

      tests using ANT. To do this, I found that the FlexUnitTasks.jar file is needed

      by ANT to provide support for the "flexunit" ANT task. I was not able to locate

      this jar file in my Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plugin distribution. I scanned the Internet

      and found a version of it -- I have no idea if this is the right version -- and incorporated

      into ANT's classpath. When I run the ANT script, I get an error on the flexunit task

      indicating that it doesn't provide support for the "workingDir" attribute. If I remove that

      attribute, I get another error saying it does not support a nested source attribute.


      I think my problem may be due to not having the correct FlexUnitTasks.jar file.

      Can anyone help me in locating the correct jar, or in any other way getting the

      ANT flexunit task working?


      Any help is much appreciated.