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    premiere cs5 crash with nvidia 470

    Tundra Tree

      Hi, I have installed all the lastest drivers and updates form premiere cs5  (5.0.3)  and nvidia (260.99) and i bought just a week ago a i7 - 950 with 3.07 ghz, 12 gb work and a official Nvidia GTX470...so it should work smoothly without any problems according to the specs...but somehow I have crashes all the time..my videocard is disconnecting, or premeire just crashes!!! Anyone the same problem or similar? It is frustrating aspecially when you have a deadline or when you have someone who sits next to you during editing...


      is my pc not well constructed? or a problem between premeire and nvidia...but that would be strange because it is a supported card..!!


      I hope someone has any idea..??!!