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    Rotation icons unavailable to web pages


      I have a user who accesses .pdfs via a web app.  She complains that she used to have rotation icons available that she used regularly.  But suddenly, they're gone.


      She was running v9.4.  I uninstalled/reinstalled, which upgraded her to v10.  We didn't want that, so I uninstalled/reinstalled again, choosing v9.4.1.


      Now, she opens her web app and rotation icons are not there and because it's a web page, the File...Tools... menu is not available.  I then opened up a .pdf with the Reader app and the rotation icons were absent by default.  So I added the rotation icons via the menu.  Then I closed Reader and went back to the web app.  No rotation icons.  I reopened the .pdf with Reader and the rotation icons were absent again.  So I did the same as before to enable them.  I don't know what I did differently, but this time, the rotation icons are present by default when opening any .pdf with Reader.  So I have my user open her web app again.  No rotation icons.  I opened another .pdf via a different web page.  No rotation icons.


      I checked with another user, who--like my first user has an XP machine with the latest patches--claims the rotation icons "used to" be there but now aren't any more.  I verified that they are absent in web pages.  This user is also running v9.4.1.  I did these same things myself on my Win7 machine with v9.4.1 and added the rotate icons to the toolbar with similar results.


      Is there no way to get rotation (or anything but the basic default) icons to be available when opening a .pdf via a web page?  Is this a bug with Reader 9.4.1?  Does anybody know how to enable these when you open a .pdf via a web page?