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    Illustrator issues with After Effects CS5


      It seems i have discovered a bug with CS5 illsutrator files and CS5 After Effects. When importing illustrator files or layers into AE working on the project, saving, closing and then reopening the same project, the illustrator files apepar to be present in the project window but actually need to be reloaded in order for them to register properly and therefore be visible in the composition window.


      Subsequentally, when rendring these comps without "reloading" the illsutrator files the renders, as expected are missing the illustrator elements.


      This issue has been recently been acknowledged by Adobe and I am told is going to require an engineering fix. As of right now there has not been a projected date for the patch or update. As a work around in the meantime, Adobe recommends when working with Illustrator CS5 in comjunction with AE to save illustrator files as Illustrator CS4 files and then import for use in CS5 AE.