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    Some Audition Issues/Requests




      I've been a long time user of Audition for Windows. I've been using it through VMWare Fusion for some time. As far as Mac editors go, I generally use Amadeus Pro. For much of my needs, it works, but I often go to Audition. I don't like the time-delay of VMs—having to wait for the system to load, etc. So I was grateful when I heard about the new OS X version. There are some issues, though.


      • General stability: in the week or so I've been using this version, it has crashed on me about 6 or 7 times. As you can see, this presents a big problem. I am glad for Audition's autosave feature, but there are times it crashes within 5 or 6 minutes of me opening the program. It generally crashes during playback, but once it crashed while I was trying to insert a clip into a multitrack session.


      • The Stretch and Pitch process in the Time & Pitch effect menu is pretty important for what I do. Without it, I need to keep going back and forth between Audition and other editors. I understand that this is probably in the "To-do" list; if it could be bumped up, I'd greatly appreciate it. I would guess that quite a few people use this feature too, so it shouldn't be something too obscure.


      • Move cursor to next marker does not work properly in multitrack view. Moves cursor to end of each clip, not recognizing any markers within the clip. This may be a function of the fact that the markers were created in waveform view, but they should still translate to multitrack view. The markers are still there; however, a lot of things won't work with them.


      • When I select parts of the audio, in would be nice if I could extend the selection to the next marker, or previous marker. I suppose I could merge two markers and double click to highlight, but that's a few extra steps.
      • On that note, I'm a little confused about what the "Convert to Range" option does in the Markers pane of Waveform view. It showed up once, and I tried it out, but it appeared to just extend the marker to a random point. Then the option itself seemed to disappear; I can't even find it anymore.


      • In general, snapping to markers isn't implemented well at all. For instance, when trying to move a clip in a multitrack so that two markers—one in each track—are lined up, it doesn't snap this way.


      • Zoom out at point (Alt-End) actually zooms in at point (i.e. does the same thing as Zoom in at point, Alt-Home). Pretty easy bug to fix, I think. This happens with both the keyboard shortcut and GUI button.



      One feature I love about Amadeus Pro is that when you play something, there are two points of interest: the playback head, which indicates where playback is, and the insertion point, which is pretty obvious. For playback, the playback head starts at the insertion point, then moves independently. This functions similarly in Audition, with the insertion point being translucent. In Amadeus, when you hit spacebar to stop playback, the insertion point remains where it originally was, and the playback point remains where it ended. I can then bring the insertion point up to where playback ended or move the playback head back to the insertion point.


      I like that this is fluid. There are times when I want to move everything back to the insertion point, and there are times when I want to look at things around where playback ended. There are also keyboard shortcuts that really allow me to work well with this freedom. In Audition, this is set as a preference, but there is no way to do it on the fly. I understand that this is not something found in Audition 3, and I'm not even sure how many other people would appreciate this. However, it would make the process a lot more enjoyable for me. If you'd like more details about how that is implemented there, I can create a video showing how it works.


      Thanks for making this look like a very promising upgrade. I'd like to use this as my only mixing program, and it seems like the potential is there. I am a big fan of Audition 3, and this seems to be moving in the right direction.