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    Mixed about Modeless


      While I see the benefit of the modeless windows. I am not sure that I am fully digging it. I really miss my channel effect tabs. When I mix I use all sorts of stuff and trying to keep track of 42,398 little windows can get a little frustrating. Then I decide that I want to move something in the multitrack editor, but I can't because all of my windows are in the way.


      Don't get me wrong, when I am adjusting say reverb and I can click out to the editor and make a selection for a loop without leaving everything going away, that is great, better than great, it totally rocks... But, I give up organization and ultimatly speed of edit because of it. Please consider providing a way, say a user preference, to turn this on and off. Perhaps a "Make all little windows go away" button. Or how about this... Make it part of a workspace change. You could have a modeless workspace, or go to the little drop down for the workspaces and have a selection for windows locked to effects rack.


      Side note to Mr. Lavine... You are a programmer. Most of the world will not know what 'modeless' actually means. If future videos you may want to explain this. I only know it because it totally threw me under the bus in one of my scripts.