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    Crawling Title Very de-interlaced

    deimosphobos Level 2

      Hi all.


      Well, I am not sure if I am using the correct tool for the job. I filmed my child’s choir recently and one of the songs they sing is the renowned Dr Seuss Grandmas Killer Fruit cake. Sending this across continents the exact wording will get lost so I wanted use a crawl title and show the words as they were sung.


      Well, after a little repositioning etc I was able to do it and felt really good about my newly found PRE 8 skills. Well, once I exported this to a WMV 1080i 30 to preview on my XBOX 360, the title is almost unreadable. It has very bad interlace, or deinterlaced lines running horizontally.


      Is there a trcik to make these better ?


      The source video is 1920X1080 30P from a Canon HF21 shot in MXP. The video looks stunning.


      For the title, I went to Title -> New Title and selected Default Crawl.