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    iMac and Canon Printer Profiles yet prints are washed out


      I have a calibrated iMac 27" Snow Leopard and a profiled Canon iP6700D printer. I used Colormunki Photo to set up profiles for the paper I use and to calibrate the iMac. When I want to print I set Photoshop CS5 to manage colour and select the paper I profiled for my particular printer. I tick the proof preview to the  paper also so as to get more representative view of the colour I should get from print.

      Yet despite all the colour management options as prescribed as example I looked at Ian Lyons suggestion http://www.welcome.to/computerdarkroom  but the prints are v.dissapointing. They lack vibrancy and are a dull washed out colour. Skin tones appear almost grey by comparison to the screen.

      I seems to be a problem with CS5 but I haven’t seen any fix to-date.